Political Correctness and SJW’s Destroying Creativity in Gaming

Many real gamers have noticed a complete down turn in gaming itself in the last several years. The creativity has been sucked dry and replaced with some systematic game clone system based off paid cosmetics, trash DLC’s, and even worse expansions. Don’t even get me started on remakes. The real reason for all of this is something no one wants to talk about. Whether it be gender pronouns or some butt hurt toxic narcissist’s “feelings”; political correctness is the #1 priority. What most people don’t realize is how destructive this is to creativity, critical thinking, and self expression. Everyone is cubed inside some low IQ label instead of standing on their own individualism. They beg to be told how to obey and conform and this has transferred into the gaming scene. Worried about being banned for expressing themselves or saying something “society” deems hateful. Slinging out accusations like homophobic, transphobic, bigot, hate speech, misogynist and whatever other fake victim bullshit they need to push the agenda of self censorship. Even lesbians are being called transphobic for not wanting to fuck a male to female tranny at this point. (Look it up)

20-30 years ago games were created and played by societies rebels, hackers, and programmers that learned on their own.. now we’re stuck with college educated tight pants wearing social justice warriors with 30 gender pro nouns in their Twitter and Instagram profile. Now they’re all crying online about how someone said a naughty word in game or in their discord and literally do anything they can to ban you for “hate speech” aka expressing opinions and thoughts against the norm. Their discords and communities are run by power hungry beta males (the real toxic twats) that have never felt power in their life and thus assume the role of a retarded ass renta cop in the Stanford experiment. Gaming used to be run by Sigma mentality men and now it’s run by a bunch of fucking douche bags. AAA gaming is even worse in this regard but the unfortunate truth is even the indie gaming scene has become nothing but a cesspool of unoriginal creativity throttled by political correctness and social justice warriors.

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