Welcome to Boca Chula Studios..

When most gamers think about a game publisher their immediate reaction is that they are nothing more than large greedy corporations. In most cases you’d be absolutely right, game publishers have a love hate relationship with the gaming community the last several decades. Modern game publishers have become nothing more than corporate mouth pieces focused on profits rather than creating a great game. The suits could care less about you, the developers, or the game, yet they like the smell of the cash and potential DLC’s your game could offer.

When it comes to the indy scene many game developers over look game publishing all together because they don’t want to deal with these corporations. The problem however is many great games fly under the radar because the developers aren’t equipped to deal with the tasks of a solid marketing campaign, community building, or staying relevant in an ever changing industry. As a game developer it’s hard enough to stay on schedule and actually develop the game itself let alone worry about the business side of things like publicity and gamer retention.

Here at Boca Chula Studios it’s our aim to reinvent the game publishing atmosphere by bringing the traditional services of a game publisher while at the same time injecting some modern day gamer based thought processes to help your game get to the next level. From game testing and community building to gamer retention, we feel as a publisher it’s our job to connect the community with the dev team. Not only does this help foster a lively and respectful community but it gives the community and devs a way to communicate in a productive way.