Raised by jaguars and crocodiles in the Mayan jungles of modern Mexico, his life changed forever when his family was killed for their skin. Dancing through the forest, war against the conquistadors became a daily routine with chechen darts and spears leading the charge. The battle raged for years until finally the leader of the conquistadors was stricken with no source of chaca medicine. After the war he began helping the locals re-establish their community watching for any sign of return. Life was okay for now but who could predict where the future would run.


Psy Operator


Life started out quite difficult for this American warrior. Trained in the death camps of government military and psychological operations his life course was set. Never questioning the narrative until one day he heard a breath in the wind, as he was captured by the leader of the revolutionary group called PSYnet. Little did he know his life would change forever as his eye was opened to the reality we live in. His rifle and training now had purpose as he searched for a way to stop the invasion of psychological government torture on his family and friends.




Growing up in Brazil in a small hunting village she learned to be a survivor at a young age. Using her skills to bring food and protection to her clan she was honored by the head of the tribe. As her skills grew so did her pride until one day she was in battle with an angry 20ft mermaid. Taking a strike to her backside she retreated to call on her clan, however returning to the village she realized they had been burned in genocide. From that day on she vowed to protect those in need, regardless of status and sign as she cast away her pride.


White Bat


The caves of Vietnam would be the home of this rare creature, where the locals were unable to identify whether it be a bat or man. The root of many tales and stories throughout the generations, he remained hidden to protect his valuable opinion. Never causing harm he was attacked for being different with no choice but to run. Realizing not everyone meant him harm he settled into a village of other unique characters as he found his own soul he rejoiced in the confrontation.


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