Game Publishing

Growing up in the golden age of gaming its easy to look back and see the differences. What used to be a niche hobby has turned into mainstream profitability, what used to be freedom of expression, creativity, and fun has turned into a 2nd mortgage just to afford all the battle passes, DLC’s, and in game currencies. Plagued by money hungry investors and monthly bureaucratic reports to appease some millionaire’s bank account the developers are caught in the cross fire. As fans battle with publishers to get some accountability that’s so desperately needed at the end of the day the only one that loses is the Gamer.

For years I wanted to build and create my own games but could never find the time to actually learn how to code. What’s worse is I’m a terrible artist and even my pixel art is quite ugly. My skill sets never allowed for me to actually create my own game personally and so I decided start building a team to achieve that goal. What I didn’t realize at the time is how many talented artists, developers, story tellers, idea makers, and creative gurus were already trolling the market. What seemed to be lacking was organization, transparency, networking, and most of all marketing required to take a game to the next level; the business side of game development.

Many indie developers look at it as nothing more than a hobby but for me that’s the best kind of job to have. If you love something enough to do it for free why not try and make a living out of it? Some get offended when talking about money but the reality is every one deserves some coin when they put in hard work. What’s beautiful about an industry like video games is everyone involved can partake in the fun. An ever evolving world of creativity and critical thinking based on community and support. This is what gaming was always about, whether it be a LAN party in your buddies basement or modern day online match making.

Our team is dedicated to helping you bring your passion to reality, whether you need help creating a community, building fan support, or some old school marketing to bring it to life we’ve got you covered. With talented artists, music makers, community builders, website creation, search engine optimization and marketing campaigns we take Game Publishing to the next level. For more information please use the form below or send us an e-mail at BocaChulaStudios(at)